Here are some of my favorite tools to help you market your professional services firm and enhance your proposal production capabilities.  Oh yeah, and they’re FREE!

Download these adapted Agile tools for proposal developers! Contents include: A Daily Stand-up Format; Sprint Review Template, and Retrospective Template.

2018 SMPS Southeast Regional Conference – Atlanta, GA

“Disrupting the Proposal Process with Agile” presentation given at the 2018 SMPS Southeast Regional Conference.

2018 SMPS Southeast Regional Conference – Atlanta, GA

The 30-Day Jump Start Plan is a tool that helps onboard marketing staff quickly.  He or she will learn more about what kinds of services a firm provides, the staff that provides those services, and what makes a firm different from its competitors.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 2

The words “Marketing Plan” or “Strategic Marketing Plan” can conjure extreme fears of laboring over reports and doing research for hours, but that doesn’t have to be your experience.  Use this template to help you craft your marketing plan after completing the 30-Day Jump Start Plan.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 3

Lead Form

Not all leads are worth pursuing.  This form will help you identify which leads are best for you to research further.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 4

The Project Information Sheet or Form is a great tool to send to a project manager before you work on creating a project sheet. After the project manager completes this form, you’ll have everything you need to create a project sheet.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 5

You can customize this template based on your industry.  Having all of the information you need on one sheet will help you with your next qualifications or proposal package.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 5

Government Readiness Quiz

The Government Procurement Readiness Quiz will help you assess whether or not your firm is ready to take on government work.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 7

Go-No-Go Form

After reviewing the RFP, it’s time to complete a go-no-go process. This form will help your team determine whether or not you’re prepared to go after this opportunity.

Sink or Swim Faster! Chapter 8

Watch this video for a quick tutorial on making your proposals look great with tables in Microsoft Word.